Building Bridges

Why is this called "The Bridge"? Here are a few reasons...

Bridges connect things. They connect one part of the landscape to another...and they help us cross safely over difficult places (thank you, Simon and Garfunkel).

In songs, the "bridge" section is meant to take a song to a new place of insight or power. On a guitar, the bridge is the thing that supports the strings, so they can vibrate in the air and make music. Bridges lift us up when we need them.

This Bridge is designed to connect song and spirit--that is, to help songwriters (and others) make the connection between writing a song (or sharing any kind of art) and living life more deeply--that is, closer to the Source, or to our Soul, or to Life or to Community. For me, songs have always been that bridge.

This Bridge also hopes to strengthen connections between all kinds of people, and help us connect to what matters most to us and to this world, in this time of troubled waters.

  • Lynn