"Growth" - March 22, 2016

Photos here: https://www.facebook.com/lynn.harrison/media_set?set=a.10153366206200025.1073741833.692295024&type=3

Welcome & Candle Lighting

Lynn (Song) "It’ll Grow on You"

Reading: Dr. Seuss "Oh The Places You’ll Go"

Debra Alexander / Kristina Kiil

Reading: Acorn story from Cynthia Bourgeault’s
“The Wisdom Way of Knowing”

Brian Gladstone / Steve Raiken

Reading: Emily Carr

Lindsay Czitron / Clela Errington

Reading: Excerpt #1 from Letter to Artists
by Herbie Hancock & Wayne Shorter

Derek Currie / Andrea Hatala

Reading: Excerpt #2 from Hancock/Shorter

Phil Tinianov / Steve-Paul Simms

Joys and Concerns (accompanied by Steve-Paul Simms)
Donations & Singalong: "The Rose" (Amanda McBroom)


Singalong: "Garden Song" (David Mallett)

Reading: Mary Oliver “The Journey”

Cate Laurier / Lawrie Ingles

Reading: Michael Leunig: “Christmas Poem” and “Sub-Human”

Henry Lees (with Lawrie Ingles) / Sue & Dwight

Michelle Lecce-Hewett / Keith Nunn

Pete Eastmure (With Clela Errington) / Kurt Thomsen

Lynn: Reflections on themes of all the artists

David McLachlan / Hasan Char

Lynn (Song) "First Day of School"

Closing Words: Lawren Harris