"Nature" - August 17, 2016

Welcome & Candle Lighting
Opening words from Emily Carr.
"Artist, you too from the depths of your soul...let your roots creep forth, gaining strength."

Lynn (Song) "Tall Trees"

Reflection: "In times of challenge or difficulty, writing a song can be a natural healing response. To create is part of our nature..."

Debra Alexander, Stu Shapiro [aka Phil Space]

Reading: "The Peace of Wild Things" by Wendell Berry

Steve Raiken, Sarah Ives & Michael Cuddy

Reading: Kabir Helminski (Sufi) - "We are knee-deep in a river, searching for water..."

Kristina Kiil, Kurt Thomsen

Reading: "The Wren from Carolina" by Mary Oliver

Pete Eastmure, Victoria Ilgacs

Marianne Peck, Mike Katz

Singalong: "One Day I Walk (Bruce Cockburn)"

Joys and Concerns

*Lynn (Song): "When I'm On the Water"8


Song: "Rocks and Trees" (Wendell Ferguson)

Lisa Patterson, Steve-Paul Simms

Yvonne Kauflaub, Cate Laurier

Reading: M.C. Richards from "Centering: Pottery, Poetry and the Person"

John Charles Daly, Peter Brydon, Brian Gladstone

Lynn (Song) "Why Do Trees Look Like My Hands?"