"Patterns" - May 17, 2016

Photos from the night!

Welcome & Candle Lighting
Paul Simon: "From the moment of my birth, to the instant of my death, there are patterns I must follow just as I must breathe each breath."

Lynn (Song) "Why Do Trees Look Like My Hands?"

Lynn: Reflection on Songwriting: "Your tendency is your gift."

Kristina Kiil , Peter Laux

Reading: from "The Knitting Sutra" by Susan Gordon Lydon

Steve Raiken, Cate Laurier

Reflection: On Synchronicity
The Talmud: "An unexamined dream is like an unopened letter.
Each dream or synchronistic event is an invitation to look inward."

Mike Katz, Allan Soberman

Reading: Jack Kornfield (Buddhist)

Victoria Ilgacs, Lwam Ghebrehariat

Reading: Rumi - "In silence there is eloquence.
Stop weaving and watch how the pattern improves."

Janet Dea & Chris Reid, Steve-Paul Simms

Singalong: "We Are a Circle"

Joys and Concerns

Lynn (Song): "Not Again"


Lynn (Song): "Friends"

Reading: Anne Morrow Lindbergh, from "Gift from the Sea"

Nishe Catherine, Paul Nash & Carol Farkas

Reading: From Allan Jones' "The Soul's Journey"

Hasan Char, Brian Gladstone

Reading: Oliver Sacks from "Musicophilia"

**Chris Reid & Lynn Harrison, Rod ESQ"

Reading: Michael Leunig: "Love and Fear"

Kurt Thomsen, David McLachlan

Lynn (Song) "Creature of Habit"

Closing words.