"Place" - July 20th, 2016

Welcome & Candle Lighting
Opening words by Dumbledore (adapted): "Happiness can be found even in the darkest [places], if only only remembers to turn on the light."

Lynn (Song) "Music Town"

Lynn: Reflection: "One of the reasons we do our artistic work is to explore our place in the world...and to place ourselves on the map."

Heather Davies , Steve Raiken

Reading: "The Weaver and the Loom" by Danna Faulds

Keith Nunn, Michael Cuddy & Sarah Ives

Reading: Excerpt from "The Faraway Nearby" by Rebecca Solnit

Pete Eastmure, Debra Alexander

Reading: Wisdom from Ram Dass

Ilene Cummings, Michelle Lecce

Reading: Excerpt from "Callings" by Gregg Levoy

Kristina Kiil, Kurt Thomsen

Singalong: "Four Strong Winds"

Joys and Concerns

Lynn (Song): "Smooth Stones"


Lynn (Song): "Where Do You Call Home?"

Lynn's reflection on street signs

Mike Katz, Diem Lafortune

Reading: Heraclitus

Victoria Ilgacs, Stuart Shapiro

Reading: Wendell Berry, "Book of Camp Branch"

Judy Keffer, Tom Smarda

Reading: David Wagoner ,"Lost"

Lynn Torrie, Marianne Peck, Hassan Char

Lynn (Song) "Music Everywhere"

Closing words: Danna Faulds, "Kripalu"